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UAM PhD Week 2024

During the week of the 27th May until 31st May 2024, from the Doctoral School we are promoting several activities to create a meeting point for our PhD candidates. Aditionally, we intend to highlight the research carried out by training researchers while they complete their PhD. 

Peliminary programme

27th May

"Salón de actos" at  EPS

10:00, Opening ceremony of the UAM PhD Week 2024.  

  • Amaya Mendikoetxea Pelayo (UAM Principal)
  • Maite Blázquez Cuesta (UAM Vice-rector for Research and Library)
  • Miguel Remacha Moreno (Head of EDUAM)
  • Carlos Aguirre Maeso (Head of UAM Politechnical Scholl)
  • Kateryna Matveyeva (Member of Doctoral Student Commitee)

10:30 - 12:30, Round Table “AI” from a multidisciplinary point of view.

Chair: José Ramon Dorronsoro Ibero. Professor in Computer Sciences and AI at Computer Engineering Department UAM.

Manuel González Bedia. General Manager of Strategic Planning in Advanced Digital Technologies. Ministry of Digital Transformation and Public Service. 

Pablo Varona Martínez.Professor in Computer Languages and Systems at Computer Engineering Department UAM.

Fernando Molina Fernández. Professor of Penal Law, Department of Public Law and Legal Philosophy. UAM

Leonardo Campillos Llanos, Head Sciencist. Institut of Languages, Literature and Anthropology. CSIC

Santiago Palacios Ontalva. UAM Vice-Rector for Undergraduate Studies and Head of Working Group for AI and Teaching. 

Alberto Luna Fernández, Head of Scientific Computing Center. UAM. 

27th May

"Salón de actos" at UAM Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

15:00, Contest “Thesis in 3 minutes.

28th to 30th May

Specific meetings for every PhD program.

PhD candidates will show the development of their research within the framework of their PhD program. They are open for every member of the university community.

31st May

Courtyard at UAM Plaza Mayor building

10:00, Poster exhibition, at Plaza Mayor building at UAM. 

It will be a chance to show representative examples of the research carried out in each PhD program.

"Sala polivalente" at UAM Plaza Mayor building

13:00, Closing ceremony, lecture "Climate change, oppotunity or wake-up call"

Fernando Valladares Ros. Professor at CSIC. Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales.

The violence of extreme climate events, increase of avoidable deaths, inequality, geopolitical tensions and eco-anxiety create a combination of reasons to re-think our current civilization model. We can wait for things to happen or we can anticipate and changes our priorities. We can start with Human Rights.