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Incoming Mobility





  • Here you can find more information about GRANTS and SCHOLARSHIPS:

The purpose of the Carolina Foundation is to promote cultural relations and cooperation in educational and scientific matters between Spain and the countries of the Ibero-American Community of Nations and with others with special historical, cultural and geographical ties. Since its inception, the core of the activities of this Foundation has been located in the field of training Ibero-American students and teachers, promoting their studies through postgraduate and doctoral scholarships, and research grants, which They cover all areas of knowledge.





Important: The researcher must directly contact the UAM teacher/researcher with whom they want to collaborate. In the event that they reach an agreement, it will be the Director of the Department to which the UAM professor/researcher belongs who issues the LETTER OF INVITATION. Said letter must clearly state the exact dates of the stay, as well as with which person or group you are going to collaborate and the tasks you are going to carry out. It should also be noted that said invitation does not entail any remuneration for the invitee or any cost for the UAM. With this letter, the invited researcher will be able to regularize their legal stay in Spain.