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Supervisor and Tutor of the PhD thesis

On admission to the Doctoral Programme, each candidate will be assigned a thesis Supervisor by the Academic Committee. Any Spanish or foreign holder of a PhD with accredited research experience may be assigned this position, regardless of the university, centre or institution in which he or she works.  The Thesis Supervisor will be in charge of the administering the PhD candidate's research tasks. Up to one co-supervisor may also be appointed.
At the time of deciding on the admission, the Academic Committee of the Doctorate Programme also appoints a Tutor[1], who must hold a PhD, have accredited research experience, have a connection with the Doctorate Programme and be contractually linked to one of the institutions participating in the Programme. The Tutor is responsible for monitoring the research studies of the PhD student, and facilitating the interaction between the student and the Academic Committee. In the case of tutors from institutions outside UAM, a document must be submitted that validates and regulates this participation (convention, agreement or authorisation). The Tutor may be the Supervisor of the PhD thesis.
If a Thesis Supervisor is not assigned at the time of admission, the Academic Committee will have to appoint a Thesis Supervisor within three months from the date of the initial enrolment.