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Thesis Supervisor and Personal Supervisor (Tutor)

Thesis Supervisor

During the admission procedure, the Academic Comitee of the PhD Program will name a Thesis supervisor for the PhD candidate. The Supervisor can be any PhD holder, Spanish or not, with enough proven research experience, regardless of the university or institution they work on. Thesis Supervisors can also be Personal Supervisors (Tutors).

There could be one, two and exceptionally three Thesis Supervisors if their involvement is fundamented (in multidisciplinary thesis, co-supervised thesis, several institutions involved...) 


Personal Supervisor (Tutor)

At the momento of admission, the Academic Comitee of the PhD Program will name a Personal Supervisor (Tutor) to assist on the research training of the PhD candidate.

The Personal Supervisor (Tutor) must be a PhD holder professor, linked to the PhD Programm and permanent member of any of the participant institutions, and they will look out for the interaction betweent the PhD candidate and the Academic Comitee. 

Personal Supervisors (Tutors) can also be Thesis Supervisors .


Proposal of Thesis and Personal Supervisors

During the application process, you will need to name a researcher that approves your research project, accepting to take on the role of Thesis Supervisors if approved by the Academic Comitee. 

Some PhD Programmes ask to propose a Peresonal Supervisor (Tutor) aswell.

There is a list of researchers for each PhD Programme in their websites. Some Programmes (Human Sciences: Geography, Anthropology and African and Asian Studies; Law, Government and Public Policies; Economy and Business; Education; Condensed Matter Phisics; Nanosciences and Biophisics; Modern History; Computer Engineering and Communications; Neurosciences; Psychology) have provided a LIST  of some researchers that are available to be Thesis Supervisors on the academic year 2024/2025. This document will be updated on 28th June and 13th September)