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The defense of the doctoral thesis, in an act convened by the President of the panel and publicly announced, must take place at least 15 days after its approval by the Commission for Equivalence and Defense of Doctoral Theses, and in any case within the six months after this approval.

The court secretary will forward the summons to EDUAM, at least 15 days before the date scheduled for the defense, by writing to doctorado.gestion@uam.es / doctorado.medicina@uam.es (for doctoral students from doctoral programs in the Faculty of Medicine) indicating which members will participate by video conference

Prior to the defense, the doctoral student must pay the defense fees set by the CAM in the decree on public fees and prices.

To consider:

The act of defense must be notified to EDUAM at least 15 days in advance, being published on the website, for dissemination and to facilitate the attendance of any member of the University.

The secretary and the doctoral student must always act in person. The rest of the members of the court may participate by videoconference.

The thesis document that is evaluated, and will be subsequently deposited in the institutional repository, is the one that was registered for its deposit.

The court will evaluate the thesis with the qualification of not apt, approved, notable, outstanding, reflecting the same in the minutes that will be signed by all members.

In addition, the members of the court will issue a secret vote on the possibility of the thesis to qualify for the cum laude mention. The scrutiny of these votes will take place on Wednesday of the week following the reading, at the EDUAM headquarters, at 10 a.m. To grant the cum laude mention, the unanimous positive vote of all the members of the court is mandatory.

Likewise, the court will issue the secret ballot to assess the option of receiving an extraordinary doctorate award. The scrutiny of these votes will be carried out associated with the call for them.


The EDUAM indemnifies the expenses incurred for the attendance in person to the Defense of a Doctoral Thesis exclusively of the external Doctors who act as full members of the panel and who come from outside the community of Madrid.

Expenses will be financed according to the limit established in the general budgets of the UAM for the year 2024:

“Artículo 50. Tribunales de Tesis Doctorales:

1.- Charged to the funds consigned in the budget, a maximum of 300 euros will be financed for each Thesis Tribunal. In the case of a thesis with an international mention or cotutelle agreement, the maximum amount to be financed will be 800 euros. If this limit is exceeded, the financing of the excess expense will be the responsibility of the Department or Institution to which the Director of the doctoral thesis belongs.”

In addition, the limits and considerations for individual expenses described in the instructions of the form for the request for compensation of expenses will be observed. It is recommended to pay the expenses, including additional expenses (taxi, subway, parking, etc.), with a credit or debit card to justify them with their respective bank statement receipts.

Regarding the processing of transportation and/or accommodation, EDUAM has an agreement for Doctoral Theses with the El Corte Inglés travel agency (Cantoblanco campus office) for booking and direct billing to the university, which is optional and not required. You can contact this office by email: uam@viajeseci.es, or by phone: (+34) 91 497 8591 / (+34) 91 497 8592.

For any other information or query, contact the EDUAM Economic and Budgetary Management Unit, by email: ugep.escueladoctorado@uam.es



The Ministry of Education, Science and Sports maintains a nationwide doctoral theses management system, the TESEO database, which provides online tools for monitoring and consulting each thesis file.

The author of the doctoral thesis must register in the TESEO system and then access it to register a new thesis file and incorporate the data of his thesis in all the tabs of the file.

Once the form has been completed, the author of the thesis must send an email to the address doctorado.gestion@uam.es so that the qualification and validation of the form can be completed from the Doctoral School.

The email must indicate: Asunto/Subject: TESEO file Thesis read at UAM xxxx (where xxxx is the year of defense of the doctoral thesis)

Message body: