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Doctoral School / UAM

About us



UAM’s Multidisciplinary Doctoral School, also known as EDUAM, was established in December 2015 with the aim of organizing, managing, coordinating and supervising doctoral studies at UAM within the framework of its investigation strategy. The Doctoral School offers 35 Doctoral Programs in five areas of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Health Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences, and Engineering.

The School’s multidisciplinary approach helps promote synergies and collaboration among its various Doctoral Programs. EDUAM seeks to equip students with crosscutting skills, and plans, supports and provides training specific to each area of investigation. By doing this, it encourages interdisciplinary instruction, better student training and increased career opportunities for students.

EDUAM wishes to raise the international visibility of its Doctoral Programs by bringing attention to its educational and research offer, including its results. EDUAM wishes to attract the best researchers and doctoral students, and promotes collaboration with public and private institutions conducting research in related fields, with a view to reinforcing the social impact of the School’s research programs.

EDUAM has a coordinated academic and administrative management structure that enables it to organize and streamline the use of resources available to doctoral students, facilitate, simplify and support the work carried out by the staff, and better serve the needs of its students.


          Director: Javier Díaz Nido


          Vice-director: Concepción Peiró Vallejo


          Academic Secretary: Olga Fernández Soriano


Doctoral Students Office:

Beatriz Caro Miranda

Chief of Section
Gloria Esteban Morales

Mª del Carmen Rojas Latorre, Chief of area
Mariano Almorox Moratilla

Management and Monitoring
Nieves García Calvo
Daniel Calleja Aguilera
Miriam Lugo García
Ängela Núñez Fernández-Barbado

Thesis Management
Kalin Nikolov Lilov
Carmen Hernández Verdejo
Paz Mayor Gutierrez

Financial Office
Carlo Montero Baldeón, Chief of area
Sergio Rollán Venzalá
Ana María Serra Pérez
Mobility of Doctoral Students
Carlo Montero, Chief of area
Daniel Calleja Aguilera
Doctoral Programmes Certification
Ana Sanz Rodríguez
Patricia Mesto Chicano
Laura Domínguez Montiel
EDUAM School of Medicine Campus
Celia Roldán Ibáñez
Mª Aránzazu Amezcua Pérez