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Doctorate Service


Main activities:


The Doctoral Service performs the management tasks associated with the development of doctoral studies; admission and access, monitoring and evaluation, management of thesis reading, management of titles and request for equivalencies. Thesis panels will also be managed and settled from this Service.

The creation of the Service entails a one-stop shop for doctoral students, Program Coordinators, Academic Committees and, in general, the entire university community involved in these studies.


Staff and contact:


Head of PhD Service

Beatriz Caro Miranda (beatriz.caro@uam.es)


Section Managers

Gloria Esteban Morales (gloria.estaban@uam.es)

José Javier Pérez López (jjavier.perez@uam.es


Access and monitoring of PhD students

Minerva Feito Barroso, Jefa de Área (minerva.feito@uam.es)

Kalin Nikolov Lilov (kalin.nikolov@uam.es)

Elisabet Castaño Mateo (elisabet.castanno@uam.es)

Beatriz Pedroche Carmona (beatriz.pedroche@uam.es)

Carlos Sánchez Antona (carlos.sanchezantona@uam.es)


Thesis Management

Maribel Ortiz-Villajos Sánchez-Gil (maría.ortiz-villajos@uam.es)

Lucía Arellano Fernández (lucia.arellano@uam.es)

David Cabrero Sierra (david.cabrero@uam.es)


Economic Management

Arantxa Amezcua Pérez (maria.amezcua@uam.es)

Arancha Amo Baladrón (maria.amo@uam.es)


International Relations ori.doctorado@uam.es

Sara Ciudad Villanueva (sara.ciudad@uam.es)


Quality Unit

Dolores Marcos García (dolores.marcos@uam.es)

Delegation of the Doctoral School in the Faculty of Medicine

Arantxa Bolaños de Miguel (arantxa.bolannos@uam.es)