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Thesis with International Mention


Scope of application:

Only applicable to the PhD degrees regulated under Royal Decree 99/2011 and subsequent for theses read after 11 February 2011.

To obtain the Mention as International PhD, the doctorate student must stay for at least three months outside Spain in an higher educational institution or prestigious research centre, either studying or carrying out research work. The three-month period must be in a single institution. The stay and activities must be backed by the director of the institution or centre and authorised by the Academic Board responsible for the Doctorate programme. They will be incorporated into the academic record and, when appropriate, into the document of activities of the doctorate student.

The stay must take place in the period between enrolment in the Doctorate Programme and the presentation of the doctoral thesis.

The doctorate student have to draft part of the doctoral thesis and defence it, at least the summary and conclusions, in one of the normal languages for scientific communication in the area of knowledge in question, other than the official languages of Spain. This rule is not applicable if the stays, reports and experts relate to a Spanish-speaking country. In any event, the summary and conclusions must also be presented in Spanish.

The thesis must be subject to a report by at least two expert PhDs belonging to a higher education institution or research institute outside Spain.

At least one expert belonging to a non-Spanish higher education institution or research center must be part of the thesis evaluation panel, with a PhD, and other than the academic head of the stay. 

The thesis defence must be made at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. In the case of joint doctorate programmes or joint tutorials for the thesis, the thesis may be defended at any of the universities taking part, or under the terms stipulated by the relevant collaboration agreements.