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Doctoral School / UAM

Documentation for the defense


The presentation and defence of a doctoral thesis in the UAM is regulated by the “Procedure relating to the Panel, defence and evaluation of doctoral theses in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid” (see downloads area), hereinafter “the Procedure”.

Deposit of the doctoral thesis and of the associated documentation should be made at the UAM General Registry (Rectorado Building), for which the “Application for authorisation of defence of the doctoral thesis” (see downloads area) should be completed. This application should be accompanied by the following documentation:

a) A copy of the thesis bound in such a way that it cannot be manipulated (spiral and comb bindings will not be admitted).

In the case of theses affected by the data protection process (see details in the Procedure) only one copy of the thesis protected and authorised by the Research Committee will be submitted, together with this Committee’s decision.

b) A copy of the doctoral thesis in an open electronic format (preferably in PDF), on a CD-ROM with a case identified with the name and surname of the author of the thesis. An independent file (preferably in PDF) should also be included, with the summary-abstract of the doctoral thesis.

In the case of theses affected by the data protection process the copy should be the protected copy of the thesis containing only the information that can be published.

c) The document of personalised activities of the doctoral candidate.

d) The complementary documents (which may or may not be included in the thesis) required by the UAM procedures in force for theses presented as compendium of publications, theses drafted in languages other than the official languages in the UAM, doctorates with international mention, industrial doctorates and co-tutored theses.

If the Academic Committee of the corresponding doctoral programme establishes additional requirements, the appropriate documentation should be attached.

e) Report issued by the supervisor or supervisors of the doctoral thesis (see model in downloads area) describing the results of the evaluation of the thesis and expressly supporting its presentation to public defence. In the case of supervisors not linked to the doctorate programme, the tutor of the doctoral candidate should provide a reasoned ratification of the thesis report. This report should be authorised by the Academic Committee of the Doctorate Programme.

f) Proposal of the thesis evaluation Panel composed of 5 or 7 expert doctors in the subject (see model in downloads area) supported by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme. The research experience of the proposed members should be specified by publications in the scientific, technical, humanistic, artistic field or equivalent.

g) Form relating to the transfer of rights for open access dissemination (see model in downloads area).