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Applications must be submitted online at Sigma. Here is a description of the application process and consult the procedure:

1. Submitting your supporting documents in digital format

Scan the following documents as separate PDF or Word files (4MB maximum size each):

  • DNI (Spanish)/NIE or Passport (foreigners)*
  • Official title that gives access to a doctorate (Official Master's Degree, Bachelor's Degree or equivalent) *


                                  - Statement from the foreign university issuing the access title indicating that their studies qualify them to carry out doctoral studies in their country. *

  • Official academic certificates of access studies (subjects, qualification, academic courses, average grade...)*
  • Official academic certificates of degree or equivalent (subjects, qualification, academic courses...)*
  • Curriculum Vitae not standardized
  • Motivation letter: according to the mandatory in the download area
  • Responsible declaration on the veracity of copies provided: according to the model of the download area with electronic or handwritten signature.
  • If you are going to apply for admission as a part-time student, you must include in your online admission application the corresponding document that you will find in the download area, with an electronic or handwritten signature.
  • Each PhD Program may establish additional requirements, so it is recommended to first visit the Program's website, which details these additional documents.

* The indicated documents can be submitted in English, French, Italian and Portuguese.