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Temporary leave 

Any temporary leave will be discounted from the time needed to complete the thesis. 
In case of sick leave, maternity leave or any other cause covered by current law, if the PhD student wishes it to be calculated as such, he or she must inform the Doctorate School, and submit the corresponding certification.
In the case of other justified reasons, the PhD student may apply for temporary leave for a maximum period of one year, and a minimum of four months, which can be extended for up to a further year. The application and its documentary justification must be directed, together with documentary justification, to the Doctorate School, which will send it for assessment to the Committee designated for the purpose (see model application and decision) and it will be reported to the Permanent Commission of EDUAM, for its final approval. These include, among other causes: illness or other circumstances in the family environment, care for minor children, temporary transfer to another city/country, leave of the person supervising the thesis, etc. In particular, those applications that request a leave to have time to finish the thesis will not be considered.

The granting of the withdrawal does not imply the return of the fees associated with the registration of the guardianship.

The time off will not be counted as time for completion of the thesis. The activities document will not reflect any training activity during this time of leave; consequently, those activities carried out during this period will not be considered for evaluation.

If the situation of temporary leave is prolonged over time and does not allow the annual report to be registered in sigma, it will not be subject to evaluation, so the enrollment will be canceled for exclusively academic purposes. In this case, it will be necessary to re-register that same guardianship.


Important: In case of the student being the beneficiary of a grant, it must be detailed in the request.


Definitive leave 

If you want to request permanent withdrawal from the doctoral program in which you are enrolled, you must submit the application that you will find in the download area. The aforementioned request must be sent by email to the Doctoral School: doctoral.gestion@uam.es.

In accordance with Article 17 of the Procedure for the Monitoring of Doctoral Students of the Autonomous University of Madrid, approved by the Steering Committee of the Doctoral School on November 27, 2023, “Those who, for any reason (voluntary, double negative evaluation, for not renewing registration, or for not having deposited the thesis within the maximum period provided) who cause permanent withdrawal from a Doctoral Program will not be able to re-apply for admission to the same Program during the three years following the definitive withdrawal. . Exceptionally, the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program may address special situations (due to changes in supervision, direction or research plan, granting of scholarships, etc.) that may justify the start of the doctoral thesis in the same program before the end of these three years.”