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PhD Activity Document

All the activities carried out by PhD cadidates must be registered in SIGMA: this system will list the types of activities offered by the Programme in accordance with the verification report on it. PhD candidates may enter the specific activities they consider appropriate to propose for their research studies within each type of activity of the Programme or which have been indicated by their thesis Tutors and/or Supervisors; the activities proposed by the PhD candidates must be accepted by their thesis Tutors and/or Supervisors, who will periodically review the documents of activities of the PhD candidates they are responsible for.
The system will include a description of each activity: the start and completion date of each activity; the country and institution where it was carried out; and in the comments field any information that is considered appropriate (teaching hours in courses and seminars; title of contribution or presentation; journal and title of publications; name of the subject in teaching work, etc.). The PhD candidates must also accredit activities carried out in the corresponding period and submit certifications and/or publications providing evidence of the activity, as an attachment to these documents in SIGMA.