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Foreign Studies Admission

How do I apply for admission to the EPS courses with foreign studies?

 (Real Decreto 1892/2008, November 14)

Check out the Syllabi and the content of the subjetcs of the degree you desire to apply for in the "Studies" section (in order to find possible analogies with the subjects you have already completed)

If you want to take some of the Undergraduate Studies (**) that the UAM-EPS offers,  you must obtain the homologation of at least 30 credits of core subjects of the Plan. 

  • For pre-2007 degrees there is no kind of possible admission available.  

The studies you desire to have recognized must have been carried out within the University, they must have as well official validity in the country of origin, and an appropriate affinity with the studies you are applying for. When applying, you must file, filled out and signed the Affidavit you can find below, in the downloads area of this page.

Students with completed or iniciated studies

  1. Students with completed (entitled to a certificate in the University of Origin) foreign university studies may apply for its  homologation  in the Ministerio de Educación (Spanish Education Ministry).

    If you don't apply for this homologation or if the Ministry rejects your request, the partial homologation of foreign studies could be iniciated directly in the University (see next section).
  2. Students with iniciated (not completed and not in possession of any certificate) foreign university studies may apply for the partial homologation of foreign studies [ES] in the University or Universities of interest, as long as those studies have been previously recognized in other Universty/School.

EPS Application deadlines - Academic Year 2014/15

The application period is open until the 9th July 2014. You will have to submit the documents to the Administration of the School paying the corresponding fees (the current fee is 70€ as established in the Decreto de la Comunidad de Madrid (Comunidad de Madrid Decree).

Documents to be submitted (*)

  • Forms: besides the Affidavit, you must fill out and sign the Application form and the Homologation form (to set up this double form, print and copy both left page and righ page, filling out the subject homologation proposal).
  • Academic Certification of the subjects and the grades obtained, which should also show the University's grading system, the passing dates of each of them and the explicit mention (if applicable) that the studies carried out do not entitle you to any certification.
  • Studies Plan: Summary-structure or curriculum of the studies iniciated abroad, with the subjects that are taught in each academic year.
  • Subjects Program (contents and topics, indicating the number of academic hours and weeks of theory and practice).
  • Passport photocopy, and the original (in order to compare them).

(*) The documents filed must be properly translated to Spanish, with official signature(s) and seal(s).
(**) Applications to iniciate any Spanish university studies (pre-enrollment procedures, in the University Admission Section) may be presented by those that present the
homologation  their studies to the Spanish "Enseñanza Media" equivalents (Education Ministry, Pº del Prado, 28, 28014 Madrid, telephone: 902 218 500) and pass the University Admission Examinations (PAU) for foreign studies organized by the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED, Sección de Acceso, C/ Senda del Rey s/n, 28040. Madrid, Tlf. 91 398 66 13 ó 14 ó 16, FAX 91 398 66 79) 

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