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Conferencia Internacional sobre estudios de ASEAN/Asociación de países del sur de Asia.

Indonesian student association in Spain, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta – Indonesia, Universidad Complutense Madrid and One Asia Foundation

Fecha de celebración:
Desde el 21-03-2018 hasta el 22-03-2018

Hora de celebración:
10:00 - 19:00

Lugar de celebración:
La Corrala


ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) marked its 50th anniversary this year in 2017. Many reflected on what ASEAN has achieved as the most successful regional group after European Union (EU), despite the fact that some of the EU members suffered greatly from global financial crisis and the BREXIT.

ASEAN diaspora abroad are potentially to be committed in promoting the ASEAN in their host country as informal agents of the ASEAN and at the same time may contribute to the ASEAN while looking at it from a very clear angle: from outside of the ASEAN. Meanwhile, ASEAN citizens at home are not less contributive to define ASEAN as their umbrella regionally and to seek benefits from being under it.

The word of ASEAN has two meanings in this conference: 1) countries in the Southeast Asia; and 2) ASEAN as a regional organization in Southeast Asia. This way, it will give more flexibility to the interested participants in joining the program. As a reflection of ASEAN in its 50th anniversary this year, and more youths of ASEAN studying abroad, the conference will be a productive stage to evaluate and improve ASEAN (as countries and organization) in many angels and perspectives for better ASEAN in the near future.

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