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Research seminars

Seminars Teófilo Hernando for Drug I+D


The Seminars “Teófilo Hernando” for Drug I+D (STH) honours the memory of Professor Teófilo Hernando Ortega, who introduced pharmacology as an scientific teaching matter in the Spanish University at the beginning of XX century. STH are regularly established since 1977 with speakers among Spanish and foreign scientists sharing a continuous practice of high quality research about different topics of life sciences. Seminars are jointly organized with the Institute Teófilo Hernando for Drug I+D (Instituto Teófilo Hernando de I+D del Medicamento, ITH).


The seminars STH aim to facilitate the contact between the Department and ITH members with other relevant scientists working in different areas of biology and medicine. Then, the update of scientific progress is achieved together with a direct knowledge of the people involved. Furthermore, this forum allows for the exchange of ideas stimulating collaborations among researchers with complementary areas and methodologies. On the other hand, the STH markedly contributes to the training of young researchers that can be familiar with several research strategies to apply the scientific method to the different aspects of biology and medicine.


Prof. Antonio García García
Email: agg@uam.es

Prof. Manuela García López
Email: manuela.garcia@uam.es


María Fagoaga Torija
Email: maria.fagoaga@uam.es
+34 914 973 120

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