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The Centre's Quality Policy and Objectives

The Centre’s Quality Policy and Objectives

The Faculty of Medicine is aware that the implementation of an Internal Quality Guarantee System is imperative at the centre within the framework of the European Higher Education Area. It believes that the system is of strategic importance in order to ensure that the abilities, competences and skills of its graduates, all gained in a high quality environment, are recognized by employers and by society in general.

To this end, and always in strict compliance with legal requirements, the centre focuses its efforts on satisfying the needs and reasonable expectations of all its stakeholders and is committed to using all technical, economic and human resources available to achieve this goal.

For this reason, the Faculty of Medicine has set forth the following general guidelines for its graduate and postgraduate courses to ensure that the quality objectives that make up our Quality Policy are met.

  • Structure a quality guarantee system around a Quality Guarantee Committee made up of representatives from all the degree programmes offered by the Faculty and members from outside of the University, as well as students, teaching and research staff, and administration and services staff.
  • Provide ongoing training to teaching and research staff, depending on their respective areas, and offer expertise so that they can carry out their duties to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.
  • • Establish a means of systematic action, and document it, to ensure that the quality objectives of all procedures are met.
  • Promote a permanent commitment towards continual improvement as a standard of conduct and carry out corrective and preventative actions that may be necessary to ensure that this commitment is fulfilled.
  • Ensure that the Quality Policy is understood and accepted by all staff at the Centre and is available to members of the public.
  • Make sure that the Quality Management System is effective and controlled and revised regularly.

The managing institutions of the Centre have a commitment to implement, develop, safeguard, and update when necessary, the continued monitoring of the guidelines established in the Internal Quality Guarantee System manual of the Faculty of Medicine.

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