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Degree in Biochemistry

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Biochemistry Degree

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Biochemistry Degree provides a general training that aims to understand molecular and cellular basis of the living beings organisation and functions. Biochemistry Degree also pay special attention to applying Biochemical and Molecular Biology knowledge in order to facilitate further professional activities development in various scientific-technological areas, including specifically, the biomedical and biosanitary ones. With this aim, Biochemistry Undergraduate Studies offer two “training itineraries”: the “Molecular Biomedicine” itinerary and a more generic one, “Molecular Biology and its applications”.

The Biochemistry Degree teaching staff is closely bound to the professors research activities. They are linked to the Molecular Biology Department (Science Faculty) and Biochemistry (Medicine Faculty), and to other Science Faculty Departments. This interaction between teaching and research serves as a driving force for updating subjects’ content and facilitating the student active learning.

The Biochemistry Degree aim to train professionals with the necessary conceptual and technical tools in order to understand the relation between molecular mechanisms and biological functions. In this way, they will be able to apply this knowledge to relevant issues in different areas, including those related with health and human pathology. In this context, special emphasis is made on practical training of experimental character with subjects fully devoted to laboratory practice and Trabajo Fin de Grado (End-of-Degree Project).

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