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Access and admission

Master's Degree in Molecular Biomedicine

The Management Commission of the Master in Molecular Biomedicine will evaluate each application for admission taking into account the Degree and the previous training of the student. The selection criteria will include the assessment of:

1. The academic record of the applicant (50-70%).

2. The adequacy of the applicant's profile to the teachings of the Master (10-35%).

3. Other merits, including an English level higher than B2, choosing the master's degree as the first option, (5-15%).

4. Interviews may be held with applicants in cases where it is deemed appropriate.

At the moment that the possible interested parties contact the coordination of the Master or its managers (informacion.master.biomedicinamolecular@uam.es) or regarding queries related to the admission procedure to the Master (posgrado.oficial@uam.es) , they are kept informed and doubts and requests that arise are answered as soon as possible. The Academic Committee provides information and documentation (pre-admissions) to enable applications for visas, scholarships and other relevant information. Once registered, they are informed of the status of their application and the registration deadlines.

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