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Doctoral School / UAM

Economics and Management of Innovation

Programa de Doctorado en Economía y Gestión de la Innovación
The Doctoral Program in Economics and Innovation Management (DEGIN) is a joint-program of the Autonoma, Complutense and Polytechnic Universities of Madrid. Its general objective is to train individuals who are able to address and solve problems of scientific and technological nature in the field of economics and innovation management, through independent and original research work that expands the knowledge frontier. The program aims to offer society a group of individuals who are able to elaborate, assess and criticize new scientific and technological development projects in the field of economics and innovation management. Since 2011, the DEGIN program holds the “Mention towards Excellence Award” from the Ministry of Education. Admission to the DEGIN program is very competitive, since every year we receive many more requests than available places. Besides the general requirements for admission to Doctoral studies at UAM, we recommend candidates to first study the Master in Economics and Innovation Management (MEGIN), which is taught by the same team involved in DEGIN, or to hold another master closely related to the research areas of DEGIN. 
Research lines:
Internationalization of Technological Change.
Technological Innovation, Technology Transfer, Industrial Property.
R&D Policies, Technology and Innovation Policies.
Technical Change and Competitiveness in the Services Sector.
Management of Innovation in Businesses.
Business Intelligence, System Management, Project Management.
Knowledge Economy, Intangible Assets and Intellectual Capital.
Indicators of the National Innovation System.
Economics of Innovation
Spatial Organisation of Productive Systems and Regional Development Policies.

All the positions available in Economics and Management of Innovation PhD Program have been assigned in previous processes. Consequently, we are not able to accept new admission applications for the period from October, 30 2020 to January 15, 2021.


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