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Doctoral School / UAM

Law, Government and Public Policy

Programa de Doctorado en Derecho, Gobierno y Políticas Públicas

The PhD program in Law, Government, and Public Policy is a joined venture between the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid School of Law and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Public Policies and Public Goods Institute. The program provides a multidisciplinary environment where PhD students develop their analytical skills and advanced research capacities, grounded on a sound theoretical understanding, in order to address a wide array of challenging issues regarding Law, Government, Politics, International Relations, and Public Policy.

The Program demands a serious commitment involving time and effort. It is particularly suited for students pursuing a scholar career as well as for civil servants working on the fields mentioned above.

A strong emphasis among the learning activites is placed on the Seminar for Researchers on Training, mandatory for all PhD students.

The following additional activities are also mandatory:

  • Attendance and participation in lectures, seminars and scholarly  meetings relevant for their research.
  • Presentation of papers in scholar and profesional conventions both  in Spain and abroad.
  • Research stages in prestigious learning institutions abroad.


The PhD degree shall be completed in a 3-year period full time, or else, when the student was authorized by the Academic Committee to pursue the degree part time, in a 5-year period. The degree is obtained after successful presentation and defense of a PhD dissertation.




To be admitted to this program it´s obligatory to fill the following document. For further information, visit the PhD Website




Research lines:

Private, Public and Global Goods, and its Protection

Constitution, Democracy, and Rights

International Studies and EuropeanIntegration

Government, Administration, Welfare State and Social and Equality Policies

Person, Private Autonomy, Jurisdiction and Extrajudicial Solution

Economic, Social and Business  Regulation

Public Policiesfor Knowledge Society and Sustainability

Local Government    

Political and Electoral Participation

African Studies 

Urban Studies and Social Theory 

Degree Official Documentation


Facts & Figures

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