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Doctoral School / UAM

Human Sciences: Geography, Anthropology and African and Asian Studies

Programa de Doctorado en Ciencias Humanas: Geografía, Antropología y Estudios de África y Asia
This research doctorate programme, with interdisciplinary character, aims to achieve the development of the in-depth knowledge of key areas of the Human and Social Sciences, prioritizing the analysis and the critical diagnostic of the socioeconomic, cultural, political, environmental and territorial reality, as well as the proposal of alternatives and future projects for global issues.
This PhD promotes the research on the phenomena and the problems of the population, the multiculturalism, the migration, the globalization, the development and citizenry, the ideological, cultural and identity values and expressions of the different communities, the places, landscapes and territorial structures, the environmental, and the conservation policy. In the same way, it considers: a) the processes, policies and agents working on a global scale, in the urban, rural and natural world; b) area studies, especially at European, Arab Muslim, East Asian and Latin American level.
The programme intends to cover the needs of those interested in a specialized training in any of the thematic or disciplinary fields mentioned in the title, in its theoretical, methodological and applied aspects, as well as considering different ways of multidisciplinary instruction.
According to the European Higher Education Area, this PhD encourages the creation of an international academic environment that implies a scientific and a humanistic education, in order to prepare our participants to analyze and understand that phenomena and processes, but also to transfer the knowledge gained to the governmental, academic, civic and business organizations. 


Research lines:

  • Geography
    • Analysis and assessment of the natural world
    • Human processes and landscapes in rural and urban areas
    • Spatial planning, development and environment
    • Theory, methods and technologies in Geography


  • Anthropology
    • Social building of inequality: class, gender and ethnic relationships
    • Migrations, identities and intercultural relationships
    • Postcolonial studies and socio- critical thought
    • Poverty, exclusion and human rights


  • Arab and Islamic Studies
    • Contemporary political processes in the Arab and Islamic world
    • Islamic Thought
    • Sociology of Contemporary Islam: gender, migration, Islamophobia
    • Arab ideologies and cultural expressions



  • Asian Studies
    • Society and religion in Pre-modern China
    • Japanese Oral Narrative
    • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
    • Contemporary East Asia: Socio-economic trends, anthropological issues, micro histories of cross-cultural relations, artistic identities



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