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Thesis by compendium of publications

The doctoral candidate, with the express authorization of the thesis director(s) and the Academic Committee responsible for the doctoral program, may choose to present the doctoral thesis as a compendium of publications. For this, it is required that a minimum of 3 articles have been published or admitted for publication in scientific journals of recognized prestige or in published books of justified importance, or monographs published by relevant publishers.

The publication date must be after enrollment in doctoral studies.

In general, the presentation of the thesis must meet the following requirements:

a) Include a general introduction that presents the abridged works, that justifies the theme and that explains the original contribution of the author.

b) Include a global summary of the results obtained, the discussion of these results and the final conclusions.

c) A complete copy of the papers published or accepted for publication must be included, stating the name of all the co-authors of the papers and the complete reference of the journal in which the papers are published or admitted for publication.

It must be taken into account that the different doctoral programs may not accept this option of presenting the thesis as a compendium of publications, or may have additional requirements.


Information about the publication of articles and theses.

Royal Decree 99/2011, of January 28, which regulates official doctoral studies, includes -in article 14.5 and 6- the mandatory nature of the open archive of approved doctoral theses. In the case of theses by compendium of publications, or those that include publications derived from them as annexes, the incorporation of the original articles may raise doubts about the infringement of the publisher's copyright. In the document "EDUAM_Articulos en Repositorio de Tesis" (download area) an assessment of the options to be taken into account in these cases is made.