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2014-2015 Enrollment

Enrollment Notices for the pre-2007 Telecommunication Engineering Degree [ES] Enrollment Notices for the pre-2007 Computer Engineering -Mathematics Degree [ES]
Enrollment Notices for Current Degrees [ESExtraordinary Enrollment: Permanence, Third Enrollment and Compensation TribunalCheck notices and dates here [ES] First Year New Admissions(See Enrollment Instructions)

  • July 17th, 18th or 21th(with you ID), collect enrollment documentation in the School's Information Office. In the Administration Office, collect your appointment and password and file your fee exemptions receipts (Large Family, High School graduation with Distinction, Disability, etc.) (1) (2)
  • July 22th (Tuesday), each student will  enrol following the appointment time assigned to them (from 10:00 to 15:30)

Current & Former Degree EPS Students Enrollment.

Check notices and dates [ES]

Master's Degree Enrollment

Check out the specific website for these studies in the EPS  or in the Graduate Studies Center (Centro de Estudios de Posgrado)

More information

  • If you cannot attend personally to carry out whichever administrative procedure: In order for another person to act on your behalf, except for the collection of Diplomas, you hand hand him/her a copy of your ID and a signed consent form (with your data, his/hers, and the purpose of the said consent) that will remain in our custody. This is highly recommended for those students going abroad this year.
  • If you cannot attend the day appointed for your enrollment: Any person you trust may conduct your enrollment if you provide him/her with your ID number, the password you received from us and the instructions to do so.
  • If you know that you are not going to have Internet access on the time of your appointment, please communicate your situation to the administration staff a couple days in advance.

(1) Check the documentation we will hand to you as well as the Enrollment Guide [ES].

(2) Reception/Information & Administration opening hours during said days: from 9.00 to 14.00.

- During enrollment days, you will be able to contact us until 15.30 too, but only by phone.

- For new admissions, the Information&Administration office will be open until 15:30 too on Friday 18th, and from 15:30 to 17:00 on Monday 21th.

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