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Admission Procedures

How do I access the courses offered by the EPS?


  • DEGREE IN TELECOMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICE ENGINEERING (Grado en Ingeniería de Tecnologías y Servicios de Telecomunicación): This EAHA- adapted DEGREE began in the academic year 2010-11; therefore, during 2012-2012 only years first, second and third will be available.
  • DEGREE IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING (Grado en Ingeniería Informática): This EAHA- adapted DEGREE began in the academic year 2009-10; therefore, during 2011-2012 every year from first to fourth will be available.

The general admission procedure is Pre-enrollment, which assures the annual available vacancies offer.

The way to proceed is to enter the Sección de Acceso de la Universidad (University Admission Section) website to check regulations and deadlines.

Besides School students affected by the transformation and changes in the Plan, all those students who started similar studies in other centers  and have obtained the homologation of at least 30 core credits from the branch of Engineering and Architecture may also directly apply for admission to this school (Check procedures for Spanish studies and for studies carried out abroad).

Once you are admitted, if there are analogies between one or several of the subjects taken and one or several of the subjects from our School Syllabi, you can fill the appropriate Subject Homologation Application". Check the specific case for FORMACIÓN PROFESIONAL (Vocational Training) students.


Taking into consideration the new university studies structure, check regularly the Master admission possibilites for different qualifications (Bachelor, Degree, Technical Engineering, Engineering, Technical Architecture and Architecture)
Check regulations and general matters in the Centro de Posgrado de la Universidad (CEP, University Graduate Center) and specific matters in the School's Master's Degree .


The TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING PLAN, as well as the COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING PLAN are both facing extinction. So henceforth (2014-15) neither of them will be taught, and there won't be further possible admissions.

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