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The Agile Marathon in the Madrid Science Park (Parque Científico de Madrid)


The Madrid Scientific Park is hosting the Agile Marathon of mobile applications!


The days 24th and 25th October, 2014, the Madrid Scientific Park (Parque Científico de Madrid), situated in Cantoblanco, is hosting the Madrid Agile Marathon for the creation of apps for mobile devices. One hundred university students from diverse universities will participate (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Complutense, Universidad Politécnica). There will be cash prizes up to 10.000€.

The teams will have between two and five participants that will be working on the challengue during 29 hours non-stop. The Scientif Park will fit out the space with workrooms with internet connection, catering areas, reast areas and common spaces for the teams to discuss between them. The participants will face the challenge of creating an app functional prototype for diverse devices. The application will have to be related with the distribution of products and the customer service world of a large commercial distribution enterprise, in this case, the choosen company has been Worten.

“The prize to the best application will consist of a 6 months grant offer by the SONAE group, the biggest private equity enterprise of Portugal, or of 2.000€ for each participant of the team. The jury will specially value the integration of students of different disciplines in the same team to creat the apps (designers, developers, engineers...) as well as the utility of the application.

If you want to read the full news you can visit the Parque Científico webpage, or the www.agilemarathon.es site, where you will be able to apply, get more information and see the coverage that this event has received from the media. 

24th, 25th October, 2014 - Parque Científico de Madrid

C/Faraday 7 - Campus de Cantoblanco- Madrid


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