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Bienvenido a la Facultad de Ciencias, conoce tu facultad desde dentro ...

Welcome to the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, the largest educational and scientific standalone university centre in Spain. The Faculty provides up to nine undergraduate degrees, a technical engineering degree, a first cycle degree and two second cycle degrees. This broad educational offer is completed with a wide range of specialized graduate and master degrees. 

We invite you to become part of this Faculty, which is made up of more than 600 educational staff, 100 administration and services employees and more than 5000 students. The Faculty was created and initiated activities more than 40 years ago. Its main objective was to become a reference institution in the national and international high degree educational scene and, to this aim, dedicated a significant part of its resources to develop a university research reference centre within its premises. This was quite a novelty within the at the time current university model in Spain. These old aspirations kept building over time, and over the years produced one of the hallmarks that distinguishes this centre, its research excellence. The Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is currently one of the most relevant university research centre in Spain. High profile research lines, prestigious research groups, national and international relationships with universities of excellence, and participation in large research projects. All these make this Faculty, in close collaboration with other public R&D institutions such as CSIC (…), IMDEA (Institutos Madrileños de Investigación) and PCM (Parque Científico de Madrid), a relevant player in science related research in Spain. This cluster of R&D institutions creates a growing environment for collaborative research with other diverse public and private institutions, both national and international.

The researchers of the Faculty of Sciences are also responsible of the education provided within our centre. Our training staff aims not only to convey, but also to teach and prepare for the major challenges of the future. The research itself is the support that ensures an environment of high quality teaching for students in our classrooms and laboratories. The development of multidisciplinary research in fields such as Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Environment and Food Sciences, among others, facilitates interaction between faculty staff members who are then more qualified to teach degrees with the highest standards of academic quality, novelty and excellence.

Our coursework is supported by a high ratio of practice/theory. It is to be noted that the original focus of this centre fully agree with the European Higher Education Area objectives and basic criteria now being implemented in the universities of Europe. The path laid by the Faculty of Sciences since its foundation is now being backed and confirmed by all modern university educational systems elsewhere. Our classrooms and laboratories are properly equipped with all the technology required for the most advanced teaching methodologies. This, together with a highly specialized teaching staff provide a quality and motivating environment for the education of both undergraduate and graduate students. These students, when they leave our classrooms, will be ready to return to society as full professionals what has been invested in their training through the public funding of the university.

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