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Teaching and Research Staff

Teaching and Research Staff

The teaching and research staff of the UAM Science Faculty is the main responsible for the different UAM Official Degrees

Personal Docente Investigador

Currently, this staff consists of more than 500 permanent professors (25% Full Professor, 60% Professor and 15% Associate Professors) and close to 100 hired Professors under different positions (40% Assistant Professors, Teaching Assistant and Adjuncts). Close to 90% of the staff has a Doctoral Degree and almost all of them are devoted exclusively to University. In order to carry out an appropriate teaching labour, there are also Emeritus Professors that perform their work in different institutions, mainly in the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas). Teaching and Research-in-training staff (Doctoral and Pre-Doctoral) is also an important asset: more than 200 people from which almost 60% are doctors. 
Science Faculty professors contribute as teaching staff for knowledge transmission and as research staff for its production. Staff qualification is widely proven through its positive evaluation of teaching (5 years) and research activity (6 years) which is carried out periodically by the Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva.

Body/Category     Teaching positive evaluation          (average)

     Research positive evaluation        (average)

Full Professor                        29                           29


                       19                          18
Associate professor                        6                           6

Universidad Autónoma has a Professor Training Plan in which the Faculty professors participate actively. It guarantees their continuous training in accordance with the desirable teaching methodologies and professional skills.

On the other hand, research quality of the Faculty teaching staff comes from their wide participation in national or international research projects, both public and private. Science Faculty is responsible of more than 75% of the UAM research income. In the last five years, our staff conducted nearly 650 competitive research projects with a budget of more than €70,000,000. During the same period, almost 800 research contracts and agreements with the public administration and private entities were run via Fundación de la UAM (FUAM) involving more than €20,000,000. Further indicators are the PhDs gained during that period, (~1100), articles in international scientific journals (> 1600 papers/year) and patents in force (170 in 2011). From this overview, we can conclude that the Science Faculty has highly qualified professors which allow providing an education of quality. Finally, it must be noted that professors from other UAM Centres also participate in several degrees of the Science Faculty, teaching those subjects of their area in our syllabus. In the same way, our studies are enriched by collaboration with different university Institutes and Centres that complement our Faculty teaching and research offer.

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