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Facultad de CienciasFacultad de Ciencias

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Degree Level Studies

The Faculty of Science offers nine undergraduate programmes (plus two double-degree programmes). All undergraduate programmes cover 4 years, 240 ECTS, with 60 ECTS per year.  Courses are taught in Spanish language, except in the case of Chemistry, with a specific group with selected courses taught in English.

Below you can find links to relevant information related to each programme. There is a link to the main page of each programme (in Spanish), links to the syllabuses and course details (i.e. “Guía Docente”, in Spanish and English), and a link to the timetables of the different groups and courses.

Degree Level Studies

Biochemistry/ Bioquímica

Biology/ Biología

Chemical Engineering/ Ingeniería Química

Chemistry/ Química

  • Main Page
  • Syllabuses & Course details (Español, English)
  • Group Timetables  (codes: G XYZ     X= 9 = Chemistry; Y = year (1 to 4);  Z: group number (1 up to 6))
  • Courses taught in English 23-24:
  • 1st year: General Chemistry I / Química General I; General Chemistry II/ Química General II.
  • 2nd year: Physical Chemistry I / Química Física I; Physical Chemistry II / Química Física II; Organic Chemistry I / Química Orgánica I; Organic Chemistry II / Química Orgánica II;  Inorganic Chemistry I / Química Inorgánica I; Inorganic Chemistry II / Química Inorgánica II;
  • 3rd year: Physical Chemistry III / Química Física III; Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I / Ampliación de Química Inorgánica I; Advanced Inorganic Chemistry II / Ampliación de Química Inorgánica II; Advanced Organic Chemistry I / Ampliación de Química Orgánica I; Advanced Organic Chemistry II / Ampliación de Química Orgánica II; Structural Characterization / Determinación Estructural; Instrumental Analytical Chemistry I / Química Analítica Instrumental I
  • 4th year: Materials Science / Ciencia de Materiales

Ciencias Ambientales

Environmental Science and Geography and Land Management/ Ciencias Ambientales y Geografía y Ordenación del Territorio

  • Main Page
  • Syllabuses & Course details (Español, English)
  • Group Timetables  (codes: G XYZ     X= 3 = Environmental Science and Geography and Land Management; Y = year (1 to 5);  Z: group number (0))

Food Science/ Ciencias de la Alimentación

Human Nutrition and Dietetics/ Nutrición Humana y Dietética

Mathematics/ Matemáticas

Mathematics and Computer Engineering/ Matemáticas e Ingeniería Informática

Physics/ Física

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