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Quality Objectives and Policies

General directives for policies on quality

“Public declaration on the policies and objectives for quality in the Faculty of Science” (approved by the Faculty Board on June 16, 2008)

UAM-CSIC Campus of Excellence
UAM-CSIC Campus of Excellence


The Faculty of Science, cognisant of the importance of quality within the framework of the European Higher Education Area, considers it a strategic factor for the evaluation of its students' competencies by employers and society in general. In addition, it considers that the training of its students in a high quality scientific and research environment contributes to improving the contributions that its students can make to society. As a fundamental part of its quality policy, the Faculty proposes to carry out the necessary activities to meet the reasonable needs and expectations of its students, its teaching and research staff, administration and services personnel, the governing bodies of the University and society in general. To do this, the Faculty promises to use the resources at its disposal, in strict compliance with applicable legal regulations.

For this purpose, The Board of the Faculty of Science establishes the following general directives that constitute the Faculty's Quality Policies in relation to new undergraduate and postgraduate studies:

  • Structure its quality assurance system around a Quality Assurance Committee, in which all the Degrees taught by the Faculty are represented and which will be made up of members outside the University, students, teaching and research staff, teaching and research training staff and administrative and service personnel.
  • Establish an updating system and document it to ensure the quality of our processes. This system should include the collection of information by each of the corresponding bodies, its analysis and utilisation for continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that the Quality Policy is known by all Centre staff and is publicly available.
  • Ensure that the Quality Management System is kept effective and is monitored and reviewed periodically.
  • Establish a commitment to continuous improvement as a standard of conduct and propose and carry out the preventive and corrective actions required.
  • Work towards ensuring that the USAM provides appropriate continuing education to all professionals wo work in the Faculty, according to their respective activities, so that their development can satisfy the needs of our users.

As a part of its Quality Policy and separate from that implied in the previous directives, the Faculty proposes to reach the following Quality Objectives:


  • Implement an Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC) for the courses taught at the Faculty of Science that directs the SGIC of the various degrees.
  • Create a Quality Assurance Office to facilitate the development of the Faculty SGIC, given the high number of Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees that it teaches, which will require such measures.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of degrees taught by the Faculty, ensuring a level of quality that guarantees its accreditation, through permanent review of available indicators of the degrees and implementing improvements.
  • Keep the University Community and Society informed of its actions in improving Quality, thereby strengthening the culture of quality in the Faculty.

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