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Human Nutrition and Dietetics Degree

Descripción del Título

  • Atribuciones profesionales
  • Centro, departamento o instituto responsable: Faculty of Science
  • Centros de impartición: Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine
  • Curso implantación: 2010/11
  • Tipo de enseñanza: Presencial
  • Créditos: 240
  • Mínimo ECTS según matricula y curso: 24 ECTS part time students; more than 36 ECTS full time students
  • Idiomas impartición: Spanish
  • Número de plazas ofertadas: 60
  • Nota de corte: 10,018 (academic year 2019/2020)

Human Nutrition and Dietetics Degree

Human Nutrition and Dietetics Degree
Human Nutrition and Dietetics Degree train professionals specialised in applying knowledge related to food implications in human health.
  • IntroductionThe UAM Human Nutrition and Dietetics Degree, taught in both Science and Medicine Faculty, play a social function of great interest. Its main purpose is to train experts in the Human Nutrition and Dietetics area and it qualifies for the regulated profession of Dietician-Nutritionist.

    Training objectives of UAM Human Nutrition and Dietetics Degree, from the Health Sciences branch, are addressed to achieve a general and comprehensive training of future professionals and provide the necessary knowledge to understand food implications in human health. One of main achievements is the new approach given to modern Nutrition, beyond the Nutrition classical approach confines, considering that food should nourish and also improve welfare and health state.

    In order to achieve these objectives, syllabus is structured in different modules that will allow:

    To know the Nutrition and Dietetics bases as well as identifying and interpreting factors that influence in health of the population;

    To provide an adequate training related to knowing food composition and properties, its modifications by processing and basic methods for its conservation;

    To develop the necessary abilities for intervening in food quality and security of products, facilities and processes as well as providing the adequate hygienic-sanitary and dietary-nutritional training;

    To develop the necessary skills and abilities for applying the acquired knowledge in relevant issues related to achieve an adequate food and nutrition in accordance with principles of health protection and promotion, diseases prevention and nutritional-dietary treatment;

    To acquire basic training for research activity, understanding the importance and restrictions of scientific thinking in health and nutrition.

    Its impact at a social and economic level highlights the crucial role that the university graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics will play.

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