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Evaluación Docente

Program ¿DOCENTIA ¿ UAM, identificación y valoración de las prácticas docentes¿ (DOCENTIA - UAM, teaching practices identification and assessment)

“DOCENTIA – UAM, identificación y valoración de las prácticas docentes” Program aims to assess and recognise the professors’ teaching activity as well as to develop proceedings for its complete evaluation. It has a double purpose: on the one hand, it pretends to facilitate systems for reflecting about task development which will have effect on the professor itself. On the other hand, it seeks to know how the UAM professor activity is developed; identifying those quality practices and those that provide added value to teaching activity. In this way, the expected result is to have the possibility to learn by the whole institution, through a greater knowledge of teaching practices.

In connection with this, the program results are integrated into internal quality assurance system of the institution, providing necessary information for other programs, like the graduate and postgraduate degrees monitoring. Furthermore, they will be employed for: decision-making orientation at different levels, like centres’ differential financing; implementation of application systems for supplementary allowances or teaching training programs; among others.

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