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Chala del Dr Jun Wen "Tracing the source of wine - Phylogenomics and biogeographic diversification of grapes and close relatives”

Dr Jun Wen
Salon Grados, Edificio Biología


Resumen: Grapes are the economically most important woody fruit crop. Phylogenomic tools have been recently employed to reconstruct the evolutionary history of the grape family Vitaceae and the economically important grape genus Vitis.

Phylogenetic relationships in Vitaceae as well as in Vitis have been historically very difficult to resolve. Congruent deep relationships of the grape family were obtained based on 417 nuclear genes from transcriptomics, and 16 mitochondrial genes and complete chloroplast genomes. The phylogeny and biogeography of the grape genus were explored with the complete chloroplast genome sequences and extensive nuclear data from whole-genome resequencing and target enrichment. 

The results support the New World origin of Vitis, and the sister-clade relationship of the Eurasian wine grape and the eastern Asian grape species. The grape genus migrated into Europe in the Eocene climatic optimum. Within East Asia, Vitis migrated from northeastern Asia southward to South Asia and Southeast Asia, with a major radiation during the Miocene. The North American grape species show major cytonuclear discordance and our studies highlight the potential network-like gene flows and hybridizations that lead to extensive organellar introgressions in the New World grapes.

Organiza: Departamento de Biología, UAM

Ponente: Dr. Jun Wen

Fecha: 27 de mayo de 2019

Hora: A partir de las 12:00h

Lugar: Sala de Grados, Edificio de Biología UAM



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