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Condensed Matter Physics Department

Doctoral Thesis: "Investigation of the Metal-to-Insulator Transition in LixCoO2"

Organized by
Condensed Matter Physics
Elena Salagre Rubio
Institution of Origin
Condensed Matter Physics - UAM
UAM - Science Faculty - C003-509

 An in-depth study of LixCoO2 (LCO) is presented as a platform for understanding the origin of its phenomenology and paving the way for new and improved implementations of this and similar compounds. Li molar fractions (x) were systematically varied to investigate the fundamental origin of the phase transition and the potential implications for future practical applications, such as improved Li-ion batteries, resistive memory devices, or the use of similar compounds with more complex stoichiometries. This study is further motivated by the phase diagram reported for LCO, which includes structural, insulator-to-metal (IMT), and possibly spin transitions as a function of Li content.

 This work presents a novel method for exploring the properties of insulator-metal transitions in materials. By using LCO as a model system, we have gained a deeper understanding of the fundamental mechanisms that drive this type of phenomenon. The potential application of this approach to other compounds may lay the groundwork for future discoveries and advances in materials science, from rechargeable batteries to novel devices that exploit these properties.

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