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Students sitting Inter-university master´s degrees registered at other universities

Master's students enrolled in Interuniversity programs at other Universities

If you are studying a Master's degree that has an agreement with the UAM and you are going to take subjects at our university, you will have to register for these subjects in our academic management application (Sigma). The aim of this is to give you access to the University Services such as Moodle, e-mail, and university card (see the link on the right - "Electronic resources") and to create a file for you to be included in the class lists, minutes, surveys, etc.

To do this, a specific procedure has been set up, the instructions for which are given below:

1. Register as a user by clicking on the following link: Register

Students who have previously registered or applied to study at the UAM do not need to register.

  • You must send an email toposgrado.oficial@uam.es  with the following subject in the email subject: "Interuniversity registration MU - name of the master's degree" indicating that you have registered to enrol at the UAM in the interuniversity master's degree of your interest.
  • It is essential to attach a scanned document of the registration at the University of origin.

2. Activate your user ID and password:

Once the administration of the Faculty/School has included you in the corresponding subjects, you will receive your ID-UAM user ID and the activation code assigned to access the UAM's online services. We provide you with the page where you can do this procedure in this link.

3. Request the issuance of the university card according to the instructions in this link.

If you are registering for the second year of a Master's degree, and you were registered the previous year, you must go directly to the Administration of the corresponding Faculty/School to update your registration by providing the registration receipt from your university of origin.