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Students Permanence Regulations and Calendar at Autonomous University of Madrid.

What is Permanence?

According to the Regulations on permanence, in order to continue studying on the same official degree at the University, two requirements must be met.    

  1. Not to exhaust the sittings you are entitled to on the subjects you are registered on. You will only need to submit a Permanence application if you have exhausted the sittings in three or more subjects. In the case of one or two subjects, the University will authorize the third registration without the need to submit an application.
  2. To pass a minimum percentage of credits in each academic year, depending on whether you are taking an ordinary or Master’s degree.

Therefore, if you do not meet the Permanence Regulations during an academic year, you will only be able to continue your studies on that degree if the University grants you another chance. For further information on this procedures, see the section on permanence on the UAM website.