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Public registration fees and prices



The public prices for university studies leading to official qualifications are established by means of the Decree by the Government Council of the Region of Madrid, within the limits established by the General University Policy Conference and are related to the costs of providing such services.

You can consult the current legislation in the downloads section: Decree 43/2022 (Official Journal of the Region of Madrid 01/07/2022).

Payment itemization:

The amounts that you will need to pay to complete your registration are itemized as follows:

A) Prices for academic services:

You should consult the “Credit per Master’s Degree Price” in the downloads section to see the credit price for the Master’s degree you have chosen, and then multiply it by the number of registered credits.

You should take the following into account:

If you are:

  • a student from an EU Community country
  • from a non-EU community country but you are officially residing in Spain
  • a student with Moroccan nationality

and you are registering for the first time on these studies. In this case you will have to apply the first registration prices, whereas if you are registering for the second time, you should apply the second registration prices, and so on.

If you are:

  • a student from a non-EU community country and you are not officially residing in Spain

the registration price per credit will be the amount established for the third registration, in accordance with the public prices Decree, and the fourth if the Master’s Degree enables you to work in the profession (enabling).

B) Prices for administration services:

These fees are paid when registering and cannot be paid in instalments. This item includes:

  • Opening of your student file: €27.54 related to the start of the new curriculum and is payable when submitting your admission application.
  • Secretariat Fees: 6.11 €

C) School Insurance: €1.12 payable by all national and foreign students aged under 28 with official residence in Spain. For further information on School Insurance, click here.

D) Other items:

  • Prices for credit or subject recognition: When you want to apply for recognition of credits from other programs or activities from other Universities, you will need to pay 25% of the established prices.

In the case of transferring from a Double Master’s Degree at UAM to one of the Master’s Degrees, you will need to enquire about the total registration fees with the Center’s Administration staff, since this is an exception to the above regulations.

  • Prices for registration without classes:

In the case of subjects through which credits are contributed after passing exams or tests, or subjects being discontinued with no classes, 25% of the price per credit or subject will be payable, in accordance with the Decree on public prices in the Region of Madrid.

In the specific case of any students who need to register for the second consecutive year in the End of Master’s Degree Project (TFM) because they did not pass the first time, 25% per credit of the prices shall be paid, since teaching and tutoring is considered to have been completed in the first year.

Payment methods and deadlines:

The fees can be paid in a single payment or in 4 instalments.

  • Single Payment

This is paid when formalizing registration.

  • Installed payments (recommended)

The total is divided into four payments:

  1. The first payment is made when registering: 25% of the total registration fees and 100% of the price of administration services and school insurance.
  2. The second payment is made between 13th and 27th of November 2023: consisting of 25% of the total price of academic services / registration.
  3. The third payment is made between 15th and 30th of January 2024: consisting of 25% of the total price of academic services / registration.
  4. The fourth payment is made between 4th and 18th of March 2024: consisting of the remaining 25% of the total price of academic services / registration.

Payment in instalments will not be possible if the amount payable for registration fees is less than the minimum established in the Public Prices Decree (€350).

Payment Methods

You can choose any of three payment methods at your convenience:

  • Direct debit payment. If you choose this payment method, you will need to provide us with your bank account number (including the IBAN code) where the relevant fees will be charged, and the personal details of the account holder. It must be an account open in Spanish territory.

direct debit order will be created with the registration form. It must be signed/authorized by the account holder when this is the first time that the direct debit payment option is chosen, or when there is a change to the account holder. The document bearing the original signature must be delivered to the Center’s administration staff (Faculty/School).

  • Banks: Cash deposits in the University’s account at any Santander Bank branch. When you complete your registration, in addition to the registration form, a document with a double “payment note” will be created, which you can hand in at the bank for payment and validation.

You can also pay like this at the Plaza Mayor branches at Cantoblanco Campus or at the Medicine Faculty branch.

Likewise, you can deposit the amounts at any Santander Bank branch.

  • POS Card payment (debit or credit card): by entering the information requested by the application (excluding American Express cards), but remember that if you choose this option, you will not be able to pay in instalments.

Payment defaults

If there are any outstanding payments for registration fees on previous academic years, the University will demand payment of these amounts as a prerequisite to new registrations. You will NOT be able to request the issue of qualifications and certificates if you have any outstanding payments.

Failure to pay your registration fee does not mean that it is automatically cancelled. You must apply for cancellation at the Postgraduate Administration of the Faculty responsible for the master's degree.


In order to benefit from exemptions from the payment of registration fees, you must supply the documents justifying such in sufficient time (and in any event before registering). These documents must be delivered to the Center’s administration so that the discount can be applied.

The possible exemptions that could be applied are listed as follows. You can check each of them in more detail in the Allowances section in the Downloads Section.

  • Degrees passed with Honors
  • Large families
  • Disabilities
  • Victims of terrorism
  • Victims of gender violence
  • Participants on international peace and security operations
  • Beneficiaries of the minimum living income


In the event of deciding not to take your studies after registering, you need to request cancellation of your registration by writing to the Dean / Center Director. Simply failing to pay the registration fees does not entail automatic cancellation. You may request full or partial cancellation of your registration, but this must be done within the established deadlines. 

You will find further information about cancellations in the downloads section.

Refund of public prices when cancelling registration (full or part)

In accordance with the regulations on Public Fees and Prices, the obligation of paying academic fees arises at the moment registration is made. The payment obligation can only be delayed when the student applies for a grant or payment in instalments.

There are some cases (described in the document “Cancellations and Refunds”) when you may request refund of the public fees in any of the circumstances described therein, by writing to the Dean or Center Director.