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Self-Service Area

Electronic analytical balance service

Electronic analytical balance room Electronic analytical balance room

A room with two electronic analytical balances is available at Servicio Interdepartamental de Investigación (SIdI).


Operation of the laboratory


This service is available for all users belonging to the Campus de Excelencia Internacional UAM+CSIC. It is neccesary to contact the SIdI to obtain the mandatory preparation before using the equipments once the user is previously registered.


These equipments are available at the service:

  • 4 digits Sartorius AC210S electronic analytical balance.
    Weighing ranging from 10 mg to 200 g.
  • 5 digits Sartorius RC210P electronic analytical balance.
    Weighing ranging from 1 mg to 200 g.
  • Complete universal antistatic kit.


Laboratory staff and Contact

Javier Ramiro Moreno

Tel: 91 497 3847
Email: mantenimiento.sidi@uam.es
Fax: 91 497 3529

Servicio Interdepartamental de Investigación
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