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Chromatography Unit

Ion Chromatography Laboratory

Dionex D-600 Ion Chromarograph Dionex D-600 Ion Chromarograph

Ion chromatography is a derivative technique of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). It is an effective method for the separation and determination of ions, based on the use of ion exchange resins.

Basics of the technique

 When an ionic sample travel through these columns, the ions undergoes a separation due to the different retention forces suffered when interacting with the stationary phase of the analytical column. Once separated, the sample passes through a detector (conductivity, amperometric, UV ...) which records the signal obtained with respect to retention time. The result is a chromatogram where the peak position indicates the ion present (qualitative analysis) and peak area indicates the concentration of ions (quantitative analysis).


• Cation analysis (Li+, Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+) in aqueous solutions.
• Anion analysis (F-, Cl-, NO22-, Br-, NO33-, PO43-, SO42-) in aqueous solutions.

Operation of the laboratory

• Liquid samples should be freshly prepared and should be transported in suitable vials, according to the requirements of the sample. The liquid matrix should be completely aqueous nature.
• Solid samples should be readily soluble in water, without requiring the performance of special processes of digestion.
• Samples should be accompanied by the corresponding analysis request form generated in the application @LIMS. The user must fill in all fields of the analysis request form, in order to realize the suitable analysis and achieve the best results.
• You must complete an analysis request form for each batch of samples with similar characteristics.
• If the study to realize has analytical difficulties or is unusual, we recommended to contact the laboratory staff before sending samples, phone 34 91 497 48 98.

Laboratory staff and Contact



Cantoblanco Campus


Electronic mail:
Correo electrónico del laboratorio de Cromatografía Iónica
Phone: 91 497 6272 / 4898
Fax: 91 497 3529


Laboratory Technical Manager
Vanessa Peiró Hernández
Correo electrónico de Vanessa Peiró Hernández


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Chromatography Unit
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