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Chromatography Unit

Chromatography Laboratory

Chromatography laboratory Chromatography laboratory

 Chromatography is a family of analytical chemistry techniques for the separation of mixtures.

Basics of the technique

 Chromatography is essentially a physical method of separation in which the components are distributed to separate into two phases, the stationary phase, high surface area and the mobile phase is passed over the stationary phase. Chromatographic processes occur as a result of adsorption and desorption repeatedly during movement of the sample components along the stationary phase, the separation being reached thanks to the difference in the distribution coefficients of the various components of the sample. Chromatography as instrumental analytical technique can provide both qualitative and quantitative information about the composition of the mixture. Furthermore, the separated species can be characterized using appropriate sensors.
Considering the nature of the mobile phase, there are two types of chromatography: gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. In the gas chromatography (GC) to transport the sample through the stationary phase (column) is performed with an inert gas. Thus, this technique can separate volatile samples. For compounds with low volatility such as large, highly polar molecules, usually used liquid chromatography (LC), wherein the mobile phase is a liquid in which the sample components should be soluble, performing most of these separations temperature.


Organic pollutants
Separation and identification of biological compounds
Separation and identification of sugars, nucleotides, organic acids, hormones, etc. ..
Separation and identification of organic compounds

Operation of the laboratory

Samples must be accompanied by the test request generated in WEBLIMS. You must fill in all fields of the application of known test in order to obtain the best possible result. For more information see Operation Sidi.

Team 3900 Varian GC, gas chromatograph with FID detector: you can use self-service by anyone belonging to the Autonomous University of Madrid (check rates). To make use of this equipment must be pre-booked GC time by contacting the laboratory directly (Tel: 91 497 23 78, Fax: 91 497 3529 or e-mail: rosa.sedano @ uam.es).

The delivery of the results depend on the nature and duration of the experiment. They may be delivered in person, by fax or by mail. The results of the quantitative analyzes may also be sent by e-mail

Laboratory staff and Contact



Cantoblanco Campus


Electronic mail:
E-mail of Cromatography laboratory
Phone: 91 497 2378
Fax: 91 497 3529


Laboratory Technical Manager
Rosa Sedano Pérez
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Eva Martín Collado
E-mail of Eva Martín Collado
Eva Díez Rubio
E-mail of Eva Díez Rubio
Conchi Moreno Guerra
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