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General information

Procedure for processing a co-tutelage agreement

(Board of Governors, 14 July 2005)

1. In order to process co-tutelage, the student must meet the entrance requirements for
the doctoral thesis preparation stage, which in Spain means having the
diploma of
Advanced Studies or the requirements for admission to the doctorate established in
Royal Decree 56/2005, of 21 January. Failing that, the co-tutelage agreement must include the
exception clauses and the corresponding equivalent procedure which must be approved by the
Doctorate Committee.

2. The agreement will establish the minimum period of stay that the doctoral student must complete
in each of the participating universities.

3. The thesis should be read in accordance with the
regulations of both countries. The composition of the panel and the defence of the
thesis will be in accordance with the regulations of the country where it will be read. In
any case, in Spain the thesis will have to be authorised by the
Doctorate Committee. Once the defence of the thesis has been completed, a copy of the certificate of reading will be sent officially to the partner university

4. The issue of the degree must follow the same procedures as for other
doctorates. If the requirements for this are met, the applicant may opt to have the thesis accredited as a European doctorate

5. New clauses may be added to the attached form according to the
specific nature of each cotutoring, subject always to Royal Decree 56/2005
governing postgraduate studies in Spain.

6. Two copies of the cotutoring agreement proposed in each of the languages will be delivered and
presented to the Office of International Relations and

7. The international relations committee, delegated by the Board of
Governors on 21 May 1999, must
approve this agreement following the report by the doctorate committee. Following this approval, the
Vice-chancellor will sign the four copies of the agreement

8. Two copies signed by the parties, one in Spanish and the other in the language of the
country concerned, must be delivered to the Office of International Relations
and Mobility which will forward it to the Centre for
Postgraduate Studies and Continuous Training for the necessary procedures.