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Mass Spectrometry Unit

  • Prism-II isotopic relationship Mass Spectrometer Stable Isotopes Laboratory

     It is called "isotopes" to various forms of a chemical element that differ in the number of neutrons in its nucleus and, therefore, in its atomic mass. It is common to associate the term "isotope" to radioactive nuclides, however stable isotopes, which do not decompose over time, are the most prevalent in nature. They constitute an analytical resolutive tool in many scientific and technical fields.

  • Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

    The possibilities of this technique embrace nearly all fields of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, medicine, etc… Mass Spectrometry is in many cases the most sensitive molecular analysis technique and provides information on the molecular mass and structure of the studied molecule and allows not only qualitative but quantitative studies as well

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  • Mass Spectrometry Unit
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